Business Valuation Process

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The Valuation Process of Selling Your Business

A valuation is the most essential part of beginning the process of either acquiring or selling a business. A professional valuation provides a rigorous and objective analysis of the company that goes beyond the audited accounts. The Axis Partnership’s business selling agents are able to determine the operational strengths and weaknesses of a business by conducting a thorough and rigorous valuation on your behalf, in order to develop a comprehensive overview of a business’s worth.

What’s Your Company Worth?

There is no correct price for a business.  The value is dependent upon market forces, desirability and the individual circumstances of a purchaser. Only by using professional selling agents will you be able to develop an accurate assessment of your company’s current worth, which is why a professional valuation is so important when assessing the potential saleability of your business.

Getting a Professional Valuation

A professional valuation is a measure of trust which will establish the realistic market value at which a willing and informed purchaser would purchase a company in normal open market circumstances. A good measure of the existing trust – or ‘goodwill’ – of a business is to look at its adjusted pre-tax net profits or other formulas linked to your specific sector. 

The Axis Partnership offers you a professional no-obligation valuation service that will establish a realistic achievable valuation to enable you to consider your next move. This can be done by having a face-to-face meeting with one of our experienced business valuation executives, or alternatively a preliminary valuation can be carried out using our detailed Fact Find Enquiry Pack. We are in regular contact with active buyers and because of this, we can give a far more accurate and achievable valuation.

How Will My Valuation Be Calculated?

The most common valuation technique consists of an assessment of the present value of the annual wealth generated by a company. Relative values, which are usually dependent upon market confidence or perception, are also calculated by examining companies with similar operations or transactions. Valuations also take account of both the historic performance of a business and future trends, as well as brand image and management strength. Our business selling agents will use a combination of the two to determine the most comprehensive and accurate value of your company.

Choose The Axis Partnership for Professional and Confidential Service

As one of the top Business Transfer Agents in the UK, confidentiality is high on our agenda. Our business selling agents will be happy to arrange meetings off-site, and to send all correspondence to your home address or to a secure email address. If you wish to make specific arrangements, please get in touch. Your trust is our priority.

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