Selling Business Process

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The Sales Process of Selling Your Business

Every business will follow a similar business sale process. The Axis Partnership can guide you through all of these stages, helping you make the decisions which will lead to the most successful outcome when selling your business.

Business Valuation

The first step in the process of deciding to sell your business is to have an independent valuation. Contact The Axis Partnership for a confidential, face-to-face meeting.

Creation of a Sales Memorandum

By identifying the benefits and features of your business you will influence purchasers at an early stage. An overview of the business, staff, market place, assets, financial position and future potential should all be included in this vital document.

Identifying and Approaching Purchasers

Our live database and research facilities will help you conduct research into potential purchasers, including competition, suppliers or related businesses seeking expansion or synergy. We know that confidentiality is of paramount importance so will ensure that a confidentiality undertaking document is signed by any potential purchaser before selling your business.

Negotiation and Agreement

Our professional advisors can lead discussions and assist with advice to ensure that you get the best terms possible when selling your business. Securing terms through written confirmation ensures clarity and maintains confidentiality.

Due Diligence

Once initial sale terms are agreed, a purchaser will check the strength of their proposed purchase by reviewing all commercial aspects. Sale terms may need reviewing and some matters may be too commercially sensitive to risk disclosure at this point. Axis is on hand to ensure that all legal and financial aspects will be appropriately considered.

Sales Contract

The final sale documents will be agreed upon by you and your Axis advisors after extensive discussions with the purchaser. It can often be a complex, stressful and lengthy process to produce a contract but your Axis advisors will always be on hand to make the process of selling your business as straightforward as possible.

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