We fully understand your concerns regarding confidentiality, it is high on our agenda as well.  If you request the meeting to be held at your offices then to ensure confidentiality we are happy to attend under the guise of a Bank Manager, Insurance Company or other professional, thus reducing suspicion amongst staff.  Alternatively, if you do not have a confidential meeting room at your premises then we are more than happy to meet you at a local hotel, restaurant or even your home, ensuring the location is suitable for you to feel comfortable about discussing this delicate issue.

In addition, we have the facilities at our premises to host meetings, and prospective clients are more than welcome to take advantage of our bespoke training and meeting rooms.  This then allows you to meet with the key personnel involved in the sale of your business, ensuring you feel content that your Company’s sale is being handled by a professional who you have met.  Also we offer seminars and advice sessions for prospective sellers, run in conjunction with prestigious law firms, financial institutes and tax advisors, providing vital advice on how to maximize your Company’s worth should you intend to sell in the medium to long term future.

All correspondence will be sent to your home address and we only send electronic information via confidential email addresses, providing you with the peace of mind that no-one will be aware that a possible exit strategy is something you are considering