Core Values


Confidentiality is the highest point on the agenda of any business owner looking to sell. It is at the core of everything we do with clients and our trusted staff and the foundation of our business.

Experienced Market Knowledge

We have to know our onions. Our brokers strive to know each of their sectors inside out and keep abreast of the latest developments ensuring we act in your best interests. We also work closely with our professional partners to ensure we do not take our eye of the ball.


As well as having a commercial focus we also recognise we have a moral obligation for each of our customers and other stakeholders alike. We respect each other and act with the utmost integrity and fairness. Which is why our fee structures are transparent, honest and fair for all.


We are experts in what we do. We work with experienced partners such as solicitors and accountants to offer the best advice should our clients need this support. The partners we liaise with can save clients time and money through negotiation stages. It doesn’t always follow that your accountant or solicitor has experience in this field.


We value the relationships we have with our staff, our partners and our customers. We work hard to build a cohesive environment of trust and support personally and professionally through personal development programmes. We support teamwork in all that we do.


We work hard to ensure the value we offer and the quality of our work speaks for itself. We are proud of the testimonials we receive from clients past and present. The quality of our work is an on-going source of improvement.

Loyalty & Customer Services

We pride ourselves on providing the very best in customer care which is why you are appointed a dedicated broker from our specialist team. This could be the most important decision you make in a lifetime and we want you to be delighted. We stand by you throughout the buying process which is why we always appoint a dedicated broker giving you access to their business email and direct dial telephone number.